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Take Full Length Proctored SAT and ACT Tests​

Find Your Best Test

Take Full Lenght Proctored SAT and ACT Tests

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Trusted by over 10,000 families

Trusted by over 10,000 families

CollegeDrive’s “Prep Your Best Test” program helps students determine whether the SAT or ACT is their best test. Students can take two Practice Tests with CollegeDrive and receive personalized feedback. Students who prep with CollegeDrive will complete additional full-length practice tests with even deeper test analysis.

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The State test is the best one for my student.

The SAT and ACT are the same.

My student will score about the same on both tests.


Tests are selected by the Department of Education for business and educational reasons. But, this does not mean the test the State selects is the right one for your student.

The SAT and ACT are different in fundamentals ways. For instance, for students who struggle in math the ACT scores the math as 25% of the total score and the SAT scores it 50% and, there are even more differences.

For some students the score difference can be meaningful in terms of merit money, scholarships and admissions


Prep Your Best Test

Live, full length proctored practice tests

Personalized review with a test expert

Feedback on the best test to prep

Detailed score analysis

Confidence building with test experience

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Personalized Review

The keys to successfully taking the SAT or ACT are knowing which test to prep and being prepared to perform up to your potential. Students who take practice tests are much more likely to have confidence and a clear mind on test day. For these reasons, we offer students one full-length, proctored SAT and one ACT complete with one of our test-taking experts going over the results. Students can then prep for their best test to achieve their highest score.

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